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    Find the best Checking Accounts with Bonus Offers

    Are you looking for an excellent way to boost your savings? Have you considered opening a new checking account that offers a signup bonus? Qualifying for a signup bonus means that you get money for free. If you plan to save the money to reap the interest and grow your wealth, why not enjoy a bonus.

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    Most checking account bonuses require you to deposit a minimum amount and keep it there for a minimum period. It is an excellent opportunity for people planning to save anyway. Do not depend on this if you need money in a hurry. Most bonuses take 90 days to be deposited in your account. So this is for someone who can play the long game and not for quick cash.

    The bonus gives you an incentive to keep your money in the bank longer. Some bonuses require regular deposits as well. The discipline of trying to earn the bonus makes you save plenty of money unintentionally. That can be the foundation of your life savings or retirement savings. You could use the money for your next car, house or even wedding ceremony.

    Highest Checking Account Bonuses in 2022
    Here are some of the highest bonuses offered by different banks and how to avail them. Most of these bonuses are tiered, which means the bonus depends on your deposit amount.

    Ally Bank $3,000
    Ally Bank offers up to a $3,000 bonus upon opening a new checking account. To avail of the $3,000, you have to deposit +$2,000,000. The minimum amount you need to deposit to earn a bonus is $10,000, and you'll get 100$ as the bonus. Ally is prepared to cover and transfer fees up to $150.

    The amount must be deposited within sixty days of opening the account and remains in the account for three hundred days and the bonus. The account is checked after sixty days, and the appropriate bonus is then transferred to the account within the next ten business days.

    Citi Bank $1,500
    City Bank is offering a tiered checking account bonus of up to $1,500 for a $200,000 deposit. The minimum deposit to earn the bonus is $15,000, and it will get you a $300 bonus. In the same way, $50,000 will get you $700.

    The money needs to be deposited before the twentieth day after opening your new account. If you deposit it in cash, the bonus represents 5%-11% of the amount. This is an excellent way to make some money you have saved work in your favor.

    E*TRADE Bank $3,500
    E*TRADE Bank has made a previous promotion available for new and old customers because of popular demand. You can get a whopping $3,500 by depositing $1.5M in investible asses by opening a new investment account. The minimum amount you need to earn the first tier of the bonus is $5,000 for a $50 bonus. This has been reduced from the previous $10,000 minimum.

    To qualify, you need to open an account with the promotion code BONUS22 and deposit the money within sixty days of opening the account. The bonus is transferred within seven working days after the minimum sixty-day period.

    M1 Finance $2,500
    M1 Finance offers a big bonus for transferring your funds from your current platform to a similar account here. You can get up to $2,500 by transferring $1,000,000. The minimum transfer for the tiered bonus is $100,000 for a $250 bonus. If you are a new customer, you can add this to the new customer bonus, which lies between $30 to $500.

    To qualify for this bonus, you need to open an account in M1 that matches your account in another brokerage. Then submit a transfer request from your previous brokerage before sixty days have passed from the day the account was opened. The bonus will be added to your account after a hundred and fifty days from the account opening date.

    These were the highest new checking account bonuses available in 2022. Sure, plenty of banks offer bonuses in the hundreds for smaller accounts. However, this is a good way to make some money with the money you already have. If you were planning to change banks anyway, do not miss out on the opportunity to get a sweet bonus from your new bank.

    What are you waiting for? Contact the bank you think is the best from this list and open your new checking account to avail a bonus as soon as possible.