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    Get Help With Low Cost Dental Implants

    Dental implants are a breakthrough in dentistry as they are the standard gold treatment in replacing missing or lost teeth. The first dental implant was used about 50 years ago, and ever since then, they have evolved significantly in terms of material, technique, and cost. Since the cost of implants has greatly reduced now, they are being more widely used.

    Causes of Missing Teeth

    Here are some of the reasons that people have missing teeth in their mouth and require a dental prosthesis:
    • Congenitally absent tooth
    • Tooth loss due to trauma such as a fall or direct blow to the face
    • Grossly decayed tooth
    • Fractured tooth
    • Failed root canal treated tooth

    What Are The Alternatives To Dental Implants?

    The methods that were traditionally being used before implants became common were two types; removable and fixed. The following were used to replace missing teeth:
    • Removable partial dentures
    • Removable complete dentures
    • Fixed bridge

    How Do Dental Implants Work?

    Dental implants work by incorporating a process called osseointegration. This means that the implant replaces the root part of the tooth and becomes embedded deep in the bone by bone cells growing around it. This helps ensure that the implant remains integrated firmly within your jaw throughout your life. It is an excellent phenomenon and is very successful as the implant material is completely biocompatible.

    Reasons Why People Prefer To Choose Dental Implants over Other Alternatives

    1. They Prevent Degeneration of the Jaw Bone
    When teeth are lost in the jaw bone, it starts to degenerate. This results in the sunken appearance you can see in old people who have lost their teeth. Implants keep the bone structure healthy and whole and prevent it from shrinking, thus maintaining the face structure as well.

    2. They Look and Behave Like Natural Teeth
    Implants replace the root of the tooth, which is buried under the bone. The top half of the implant, which is visible in the mouth, is made out of zirconium or porcelain, which can be matched perfectly according to your tooth shade. Once an implant procedure is complete, it is hardly noticeable which tooth is implant treated as they look exactly like natural teeth. Since they have load-bearing abilities, they behave exactly like natural teeth as well and serve as an excellent replacement for missing teeth.

    Dentures and bridges replacing natural teeth can only take 40 percent of the load of the original teeth. They are mostly for aesthetic purposes and not suitable for heavy chewing functions. Therefore implants are far superior to other options when it comes to chewing function.

    3. They Enable You to Speak Naturally
    Complete dentures rely on retention from the palate in case of a complete upper denture and the ridge in the lower arch. Due to their bulkiness and constant interference with the tongue, most people develop a lisp while speaking or alter the way they speak due to the denture being in the way. This affects their overall speech and can be quite uncomfortable.

    Implants, however, have no effect on speech, and the patient can continue speaking the way they did before getting an implant.

    4. They Will Last You a Lifetime
    With proper care and good dental hygiene practice, your implants can last you a lifetime. Due to the process of osseointegration explained above, implants can last you your whole life because they become a part of your jaw bone. The jaw bone stays stimulated and healthy, keeping the implant firmly anchored into the bone.

    There is a constant need to reline dentures and adjust their fitting. Implants don't require any adjustments. People with implants should maintain good dental hygiene and avoid smoking. Medically ill or immune-compromised patients, such as those with diabetes or osteoporosis, must manage their medical conditions as in these patients, as implants are at risk of failing.

    5. They Prevent Premature Aging
    Missing teeth can cause facial sagging as well as wrinkling of the skin around the lips and the chin. Lips start to thin out, and the chin starts to stick out, making the person appear older than their age faster than they normally would. The presence of implants can prevent this from occurring as it holds the bone in place without letting it degenerate.

    6. No Need for Denture Adhesives
    Denture adhesives and creams can be messy and bothersome and rarely ever provide a permanent solution. Dental implants free you from the need for any of these.

    7. Dental Implants Boost Self Confidence
    Dental implants can restore your lost self-confidence after being without teeth. Missing teeth can be very traumatic as they interfere with your appearance immensely. The first thing a person notices about you is your smile, and if that is compromised, it can make you feel extremely low and self-conscious.

    With dental implants, patients have their smiles restored and their chewing function and speaking ability. Not being able to eat your favorite foods can be very depressing, and implants are the perfect alternative to natural missing teeth.

    8. They Are Easier To Clean
    Dental implants are cleaned the same way as natural teeth were by brushing. Dentures, however, need to be removed and cleaned properly as food can collect o the dentures causing plaque formation. It is advised to get regular professional cleanings to maintain the health and longevity of the implant.



    Dental implants are an excellent alternative to missing teeth and are by far the best method there is available. While they have many advantages, it must be remembered that dental implants require excellent oral hygiene maintenance and regular professional cleanings. Accumulation of plaque on the teeth and infection of the gums can cause the failure of the implant, and this is not a casual matter. Implants are expensive, and if you want your implants to last you your entire life, then it is important to make sure to look after your dental health. Smoking and diabetic patients must get their diabetes in check and try and reduce smoking if they want to get implants. Both smoking and uncontrolled diabetes can cause the failure of implants.