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    Begin Your Credit Card Journey Online

    The wisest money decision you can make in your twenties is to invest in money-making assets that accumulate wealth for you as you sleep. Hold off buying that fancy car or that designer dress for a while longer and put your money to better use, making more money for you.

    For many of us, our early twenties are a blur with figuring ourselves out, college, and partying. We have so much going on we don't notice that we should check our credit scores. A lot of us have bad credit scores, and we don't know until it becomes a problem. A good rule of thumb is to check your credit score at least once a month to see where you stand and if it's improved or not.

    If you have slipped up and your credit score is low, that means less than 630, then don't worry. You can use the same advice that would make you money while you sleep to fix your credit score instead. Then after your credit score is okay, you can start accumulating wealth.

    Stop Your Score From Getting Any Worse

    First things first, we need to stop your credit score from getting any worse. For that, there are a couple of things you can do like:

    • Automate your bill payments, so you don't forget
    • Never spend more than 30% of your credit card limit
    • Avoid applying for any loans or new credit cards that require a hard inquiry

    How to Improve Your Score in Your Sleep

    To make money in your sleep you need to invest in money-earning assets. Buying things like stocks, bonds, property, or cryptocurrencies make you money in the long run. The only one of these that you can purchase and improve to improve your credit score is property.

    Using an Apartment to Fix Your Credit Score

    This scheme involves qualifying for a mortgage on an apartment. If your credit is so poor that you will not be eligible, you can still accomplish this with owner financing instead of a mortgage.

    If you qualify for a new apartment loan, then you can put the apartment on rent as soon as possible and automate the payments so that the rent pays the mortgage bills. You may need to collaborate with a property dealer you know to find an excellent location where the rent will be enough to cover the mortgage payments. Paying back installment loans like a new apartment or car is the fastest way to fix your credit score.

    If you do not qualify for the loan, you can take the owner financing pathway instead and use the rent to pay back the owner and save the access to pay your debts.

    Drive Lyft to Fix Your Credit Score

    Similar to buying an apartment. You can buy a new car and use it to drive people around in a ride-sharing app in your free time. You can use the money you earn to pay back the car payments. This isn't necessarily in your sleep, but it could be just a few hours in the evenings or weekends as an almost passive way to earn and pay back a loan. Once you pay for the car entirely, you can continue driving over the weekends to save money.

    Buying S&P 500 Stocks

    Purchasing stocks will not fix your credit score right away. However, buying a few S&P 500 stocks every month can increase your passive income to pay your bills on time. There are stock trading apps that let you buy for as low as one dollar so that you can invest in your future wealth right away.

    To invest in the S&P 500, you do not need to buy a little from each company. Instead, you can buy from a mutual fund or ETF. Even though stocks go up and down, they only increase in value in the long run.

    Buy Bitcoin

    Similar to stocks, bitcoin is becoming a significant money-making asset. People who bought bitcoin in the early 2010s are billionaires now. Buying a little bit of bitcoin every week is an excellent way to ensure that the cryptocurrency boom won't leave you behind. If you aren't trading your Bitcoin, you can lock it in fixed savings and take the profit into your account to help you pay off your debts after every fixed cycle. This way, your money stays secure as a cryptocurrency, but the payoff can help you pay your bills.


    After reading this article, your head must be filled with new ideas to make money and fix your credit score at the same time. Making the right investments today ensures a more financially stable tomorrow.